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The goal of BFC Composting is to provide our customers with quality, nutrient-rich compost that enables superior growth of plants as well as the enrichment of the soil. We accomplish this by using a combination of organic materials that are blended to produce a high-quality growing medium.

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Compost as a Soil Amendment

Compost + Dirt = Nutrient Rich Soil

Building nutrient rich soil to grow healthy, productive plants is every gardener’s ultimate goal. By using compost as a soil amendment, you can improve the appearance and nutritional value of your garden soil.

The fertility of your soil also can be affected by how often you till the soil and the kinds of mulches you use. BFC Compost’s Premium Compost is a high-quality compost with high levels of nitrogen and calcium. This product is designed to be applied and tilled into the dirt, creating a productive growing medium.

An easy method of adding nutritious material to your garden beds is by incorporating a nutrient rich compost onto and into the soil. Composting mimics and intensifies nature’s recycling plan.

Our compost begins with butcher waste and sawdust and matures into what soil scientists call biologically active organic matter: a dark, crumbly soil amendment that’s rich with beneficial fungi, bacteria and essential nutrients, as well as the enzymes and acids these lifeforms release as they multiply.

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