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Premium Compost

A mixture of sawdust and animal by-products which are composted together to create a nutrient-rich product used for gardens and other "tilled in" project.

Organic Compost

A blend of finely ground wood clippings and organic food waste used primarily for lawns, food plots, and athletic fields, as well as flower gardens.

Premium Top Soil

Premium Compost mixed with top soil which is used primarily for raised bed gardening and for lawn repair but also serves as a great base for lawns.

BFC Potting Soil

BFC's potting soil product consist of organic compost mixed with top soil to create a nutrient-rich environment in which your plants will have the greatest possibility to thrive!

Filter Socks

Filter Socks are composed of a mesh netting filled with BFC's composted mulch. These are primarily used for erosion control and as grow socks for gardening but work great as a landscaping perimeter barrier.

Compost Mulch Blend

BFC's compost mulch blend is a 50/50 blend of organic compost and mulch which is very useful for mulching your flower beds, shrubs, around trees, etc.

Pure Hardwood Mulch

Landscaping mulch with great color and texture. Perfect for flower and vegetable beds as well as covering for trees and shrubbery.